ZoneAlarm Free Edition plant resourcefully on a complete PC and is an first-rate of my own thrust. However, if you attach that selfsame PC to a network (with another PC or laptop) you'll presently bring in that ZoneAlarm will not let you see or entree your web. ZoneAlarm is in reality doing its job - block "unauthorized" incoming attempts to access your PC. The key expression here is "unauthorized". To get ZoneAlarm to prize your scheme and allow accession involving PCs, you will have to contribute ZoneAlarm hearsay more or less your framework so it will consequently turn "authorized".

This sounds unsophisticated enough, but it is in reality particularly awkward for the "average Joe" to piece this when you are using ZoneAlarm Free Edition. (ZoneAlarm Pro Edition is finer appropriate for use on networked PCs).

Here are good manual on how to allow your web on ZoneAlarm Free Edition.

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We will be mistreatment 2 PCs on a simplified home-network for this tutorial and a dial-up computer network connectedness. The preparation and explanations will be as non-technical as budding.

The entree PC is moving Windows XP Home and the Client PC is running Windows XP Professional. Both PCs have been associated via system telegram and the Gateway PC has been organized to allowance it's dial-up cyberspace intersection next to the Client PC, on with database and pressman giving out.

1) Install the impressively most modern book of ZoneAlarm Free Edition on some PCs. When you later try to measure / right files on the network, it fails accurate distant. The Client PC is too incompetent to accession the internet done the Gateway PC.

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2) You will involve to insight out the IP address (or catalogue of addresses) for all of the PCs. On our Gateway PC, we were competent to discovery this out by right-clicking on our web relation (Control Panel > Network Connections) and selecting "Properties". In the "General" tab, we past clicked on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and consequently clicked the "Properties" lever. We saw an IP computer code in this info - We will be exploitation this as the IP code for our Gateway PC.

3) We past tried to hunt the same practice on the Client PC to ascertain its IP address, but we ran into a ill. The Client PC was set to "Obtain an IP computer address automatically" and hence this did not give support to us to see its IP computer address. We went backbone to the Gateway PC where on earth ZoneAlarm was simply running and looked at its log record (double-click the ZoneAlarm god close your PC's clock, clink on "Alerts & Logs" and later clink the "Log Viewer" tab). We were competent to see that a fastidious IP computer code was equally being closed. This, we figured out, belonged to the Client PC. So we now have IP addresses for some PCs.

4) Open ZoneAlarm on the Gateway PC, click on "Firewall" and past "Zones". This is where on earth we will come in in the IP computer address of the Client PC, thereby freehanded it go-ahead to access the Gateway PC. Then sound on the "Add >>" button and (in our luggage), click on "IP Address". If you have an "IP Range", you would choice that or else. In the duologue box that comes up, be in no doubt that the Zone is set to "Trusted" and next kind in the IP computer address of the Client PC. Then you must also genre in a portrayal (example: Home Network). If you do not do this, you will be inept to go on. You have now successfully value-added the Client PC to the "Trusted" Zone of the Gateway PC. At this constituent we went terminated to the Client PC and tried to admittance files from the Gateway PC - glory. We afterwards proved to admittance the computer network done the Gateway PC - fiasco.

5) The close stair we did was to ajar ZoneAlarm on the Gateway PC and chink on "Firewall" and consequently "Main". Set the "Internet Zone Security" to "Medium" (which allows your PC to be ocular but inactive be sheltered) and past do the same for the "Trusted Zone Security".

6) We then went final finished to the Client PC and proved accessing the net - success! We have now elatedly designed ZoneAlarm Free Edition on our Gateway PC - allowing the Client PC to addition admittance to it and allotment files, skilled worker and computer network. Once your Gateway PC is cosy and providing you beside expedient alerts, it is not called for to have ZoneAlarm running on the Client PC. However, we will go even further for this tutorial and assemble ZoneAlarm on the Client PC as economically.

7) At this point, we went complete to the Client PC and followed tread 4) making confident we typewritten in the IP computer code of the Gateway PC instead. We then covered up by next maneuver 5).

Both PCs were then restarted and sheer tests were through.

ZoneAlarm Free Edition was running victoriously on some PCs which were networked equally. The Gateway PC can accession files on the Client PC and vice-versa. The Client PC can use the printer allied to the Gateway PC and it can as well right the internet through the Gateway PC.

As declared earlier, this method is slippery - but not unthinkable to set up.

Based on your particular lattice setup and the figure of computers involved, the staircase distinct above may not manual labour for you, but it is assessment the endeavor to have ZoneAlarm's driving force charge.


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