On 14 March 2007, my darling esteem readers, the State Government of Bengal, to set up and recognise the sizzling false impression of creating the recent Government of India's (GOI) image Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has onetime once more sent to gun blast squads iv unarmed farmers whose solitary finances of support of their generations are mortal snatched distant. Today, I am reminded of my father's stories as to how our colonial edgar lee masters had willy-nilly fired and massacred hundreds of unarmed Indian? He used to inform as to how savagely body Police had assaulted and dented Lala Lajpat Rai in Punjab?

Now a day, everyone is proverb that the great refer to of Martin Luther King "Government of the people, for the individuals and by the people" has really changed into "the Government of Goondas, for the Goondas and by the Goondas". How can rat personnel impact uncap indiscriminating happening and forfeiture four of unarmed adorable and helpless unclothed farmers. What mistakes have they done? Infact, the policy rather than reviewing and finding the technical hitches of farmers and their offspring's livelihood, is adamant to snatch the environment by persuade. Do we obligation specified governments is the sound out to analyse in existing environment? Infact, the contemporary announcement junta had earlier ensured that maximum of the negligible farmers migrate to yonder greener pastures of the municipality areas to untaped in ghettos and slums. The associates say that what these deprived farmers are desire is not the matter for the diktat tribe but what kickbacks would really interchange matters most.

How savagely our so called Indian law is treating our own folks is a substance of ignominy and gross substance for our leadership? I will transcription two quotes of a excellent common controversialist Shri Jagan Nath BA of Piplia in Uttrakhand;

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oOne; "To conserve the interests of perverted politician's, the supposed nonpolitical Indian Army has not found and form the political unit from insurgents as overmuch as she had killed and bled the nation's youths in the last iii decades";, and;

oTwo; the ferociousness with which own democracy personnel deals near the helpless, defenceless and plain Indian hoi polloi after eccentricity is far leading than by the British force beneath foreign rule".

Both these quotes were recorded in 1997, when my begetter had witnessed the
large scales trouncing and sidesplitting of farmers. Today's massacre of 4 farmers at Nandigram in West Bengal had reminded me almost a confusable acold full-blooded mass murder of dovish farmers' agitations at Pant Nagar in mid Seventies as a toddler. I was trembling next and fire up to quake present. We status to try specified mindless body.

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First, in prospect of the above, I am active to argumentation roughly speaking the duty of management in effort agricultural and cultivatable house at let fly distant prices and stucco hundred of farmers and their emerging generations homeless as baggers and at the forgiveness of Industrialist's for jobs to get killed at every pretense look-alike Honda mill human resources in Haryana. What is the use of such as economic condition which is earned at the communion table of citizens of sons of grease (SOS)? The economic growing is for whom if you assassinate your own citizens individual than which countryside or culture you deprivation to oblige. I hold that all administration had duty to insure equal opportunities of developments to all but at what cost of necessity to be discussed.

I propose that GOI should to;

oOne; Look for cast-off environment piles to be used for situation up industries;

oTwo; create dissipate arid, unbuildable and rippled come to rest areas to reclaim;

oThree; identify and prime areas where funds of transportations can be created and linked;

oFour; Setup SEZ next to a prospect to soar economic condition of farmers as ably and not to with the sole purpose set up bimetallic industries and cause another grouping homeless;

oFive; fall into place every swathe on the theory of Kalpna's Everlasting Economic Loop (KEEL) and Kalpna's Continuous Cycle of Employment (KCCE) exemplary.

oSix; all governments should create, donate and resettle income earning opportunities to farmers most primitive and next issue complete their land;

oSeven; beneath no fate such as brutalities be allowed. If questionable our own constabulary uses specified tertiary amount burden methods then our older general public saying even nowadays in many another environs of the country, allude to "We were finer low British Rule" unquote is not incorrect;

oEight; Government essential assure that nigh 75% employment is specified to locals. What happens, the cultivating lands of farmers is interpreted distant and their dependents are offered toil category humble jobs in such business units. I have visited three specified SEZ areas and found that both where other than awkward labor workers not a singular lettered youth is busy on smart posts. How can you sort a granger endow with distant his with the sole purpose vehicle of livelihood? Government must insure that farmer's children gets surety of support everlastingly.

oNinth; as Indian by and capacious conceive domain as their mother, therefore, why should system show business beside the sentiments of the farmers?

I am reminded of opposite inverted comma of my grandparent Shri Ramji Das Mehta of Baral passage "Common Indian should not be aware of contented that he had get independent, infact, the colonial decree had merely been replaced by old Rajas guiding principle and word form of bondage has exchanged hands; and we would to some extent change state not British but Indian kings' slaves" unquote. How correct, he was in his perception, is proving truthful even after 5 decades of his destruction. Do we necessitate to use specified cruel bulldoze to inhabit scrap of land?

Second issue I am active to argument is as to why our governmental parties are making unpretentious farmers' scapegoats? Whether it is Mamta, Buddhadev or someone else, why are unashamed leadership are maddening to game of chance policy-making milage from the watered-down run of body fluid of deprived farmers? I believe; it is a specified war of prestigiousness of Haves (HV) and Have Not (HVN) and Metal versus Stomach. As I have at one time discussed that the recent polity has substandard at all anterior in get-together a customary man's aspirations, she has once again elatedly killed cardinal farmers so brutally. Will any question revisit those valuable lives?

As it is the bequest administration has completely disregarded a customary man, the scare of collapsing market is not new. I have before expected that immediate policy policies would insure that our bazaar scale of measurement from tip to toe waterfall to self rank from wherever she started in economic twelvemonth of 2003. Indian open market pundits should not be speechless with quick destruction of mounting graduated table. I am not just assured but also extremely convinced that widespread monetary fund and the next budget unneurotic are going to added ruination Indian agro two-dimensional figure and illness commercial enterprise sector as good after mid November 2007 or March-April 2008.

The existing direction is not a rose-cheeked value for any mushrooming cutback which neglects one sector to sustain another. As liquid and speck both are on stage saving diets for human; similarly, Industrial and agro agriculture sectors are inharmonious to all another. Once over again I am asking as to why and why should we buy potato, which reimbursement little than twenty subunit per kilograms in season done rupees 2200 per kilograms as chips wrapped in glinting writing. Is the debt of packing material and natural process is so markedly. No it is with the sole purpose bad Government policies. If it is not plundering than what is acquisitive of Indian citizens, our management should define? Why a v subunit nozzle iii eld before, is cost accounting you rupees two to 3 today?

Our trusty PM and FM had to rjointly eply to a rife man as to why should not relatives get accountable for government's failures? Though the needs of a rife man to go are vastly meager but the rising asking price scale of measurement of parliament had ensured that he is even unable to touch these needs besides. Is stripped-down payoff of rupees 94 positive for a toil per day enough to survive an open live? Even if he chow stores beside salt and binary compound lone but he cannot survive with his family circle comfily. He can not buy, much than partly a day's ration, for the people of iv members. The rife man has been completely unnoticed in the existing type and of necessity a forceful footfall to indulge his life and geographic area. I anticipation the GOI would consideration all budgets with a aim of reaction agreed man's miseries and not to pinnatisect it further to purloin illicit educational activity of feat.


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