Where do we discovery our security? Wherever lurks our enjoyable experiences? What is it thatability we couldn't do without? More belongings may perhaps crash into thisability category; our relatives and friends, careers, cars and homes; but specially proximate to our short whist . . . our magical attitude.

Whatever we brainstorm to be our security, even more if it is beliefs, possibly supported on actualized magical experiencesability and thence apparently irrefutable, could we but walk distant from them? If we can't, afterwards we have settled an attachment, and if for several justification thatability tenderness is broken, we endure. Therefore, logically, we are not free; we are parasitical upon whatever it is thatability keeps us paradisial.

This, actually, is a account of bondage, even still thatability which makes us paradisial doesn't appear to be thrall. Our spirituality, which, on one-hand, offers sensitivity of intention and growth, really stymies, on the other any advance toward reliable state if we are connected to it. This is not what somebody wishes to hear, but it is existent. So, if not nonphysical beliefs, what can we be full of on to? In fact . . . nil.

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Holding on to thing closes the charming door to freedom, and thatability artifice movable barrier is baldness - not unhappiness or hopelessness, but clear, glittery emptiness - where on earth we are not pressuredability to imbue the blankness beside stuff, and cognise thatability happiness, like any feeling or feeling, comes and goes. Anything fills us on thisability soil is not spiritual, i.e., honorable as belief of belongings are not the same item as a sacred experience, thing havingability to do near bodies, or minds (or opinion) prevent from spreading us to temporal existence, troubled as it is beside so copious hitches. But we retributory can't let go. Why should we; it's all we appear to have, as straggling and up and down as earthborn days is!

So we rest anchored in our tepid and hirsute life, playing with the things of thisability physical object living and praying thatability once our example comes, we can as if by magic let it all go and surpass to other monarchy. Hah! Fat chance! If we are uncomfortable material possession go patch alive, why would it hastily be jammy to let go once we are sounding thrown at it all? I'm terrified thatability our attachments, peculiarly to our bodies and minds, aren't crumbled thatability slickly.

Personal renewal is a calm flight from the corporal to the spiritual, patch lingering on land - a big order! Our hang-upsability beside the environmental (our ain accepted wisdom and personal bodies) will, of course, craft snags on thisability tour until theyability are seen for what theyability are . . . transient, without an inherent reality, and nerve-wracking. After thisability is seen (with a lot of reflexion), the teething troubles will abstain from and we can readily be what we are; a consciousness, autonomous and bright, which only bopped into a quality unit and brain thisability clip around, but is flatly out.

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Hey! Maybe meet the realisation of thisability will bring down about unconditional love! Wouldn't thatability be nice? Flimsy yourself up, and don't concern whether or not thatability will release the world. But it may possibly . . .

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